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I can tell you that I have used Many browsers over the years. You just can’t compare Google Chrome to any of the others.
I have been using it after it’s since it started in 2008. I can say I made a great choice.Google Chrome uses something called webkit for page rendering this gives you real fast page loading and you got to love that!
They have a mobile app available for every platform imaginable, I need this to keep my data organized,and it enables me to easily brows between all my devices making my life better.I really love the incognito mode if you don’t want cookies attaching to you.

Chrome isn’t quite basic like it used to be, but I think you will find it real easy to use. As far as security Google Chrome is one of the best browsers you can download.
I work on websites a lot and I can tell you from my own personal experience Google Chrome works the best by far for me.

I absolutely love Google Chrome it is so fast and best for my needs in uploading You Tube videos!
Having it’s own task manager make it real easy to see what processes are active in real time!

You should really try Google Chrome yourself to see how good it works for you. Then spread the word about how much it helped you! Download Here!

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Self Defense Keychains #selfdefensekeychains
This Tiny survival para cord keychain won’t break when you need it the most. Made with 550 test para cord. It comes with a one year guarantee,and comes with a free instruction DVD!

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Take The Sharp Shooter Self Defense Keychain Challenge!


Master Moran challenges you to try the sharp shooter keychain for one full month. If you don’t think it’s the best keychain you have ever owned. Simply return the keychain, and recieve a full refund! As a gift keep the self defense DVD, and chart for trying the Sharp Shooter Keychain!

Take The Sharp Shooter Challenge!