The Super Sharp Shooter Self Defense Keychain

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The Sharp Shooter Self Defense Keychain

The feeling of being unsafe for women, whether it’s walking home alone at night or even in the company of others, is at an all-time high. While murder and assault rates are rising in the US, carrying an item of self defense is no longer an option but a necessity. Most women are familiar with carrying a key in between their knuckles for the lack of anything better at hand, however, this poses a risk of harming yourself more than you could harm an attacker and the success rate is rather low. We are here to discuss a different, safer and legal alternative for you that allows you to turn your entire keychain into a self-defense keychain. What is the Sharp Shooter Self Defense Keychain? This tactical keychain is a small, lightweight and inconspicuous item that allows you to turn your entire keychain into a swingable means of self defense, without harming your hands in the process (if used correctly*). The self-defense keychain consists of a piece of 550 paracord, a free sliding metal ring, the keychain mechanism itself, a steel oval screw key holder and a silicone gasket. You wear the ring around your finger which ensures that there is no way for you to accidentally drop your keys in a stressful situation. It also ensures that, as long as you hold the shaft of the keychain, there is no risk of injuring your hand as there would be when simply holding a key in your fist if you were to strike, or if an attacker would pull the key bundle. This only causes to pull on your grip, and not on your fingers. Why should you get this self-defense keychain? The Sharp Shooter Self Defense Keychain was made to offer an alternate means of carrying keys as a weapon of self-defense. It also goes a couple of steps further than jamming your car key in between your knuckles. Often, holding a bunch of keys already works as a mild deterrent for people with bad intentions. However, imagine the extra shock and threat value this key bundle holds as you instantly turn it into a swingable weapon as a warning. You will feel much safer with this tactical keychain within reach.



What makes this self-defense keychain different from other similar items that are specifically sold for women? You have probably seen those large bundles of keychains that will usually include a metal rod for stabbing, a key with a switchblade knife hidden inside along with an alarm and several other fluffy pink items to make it look less conspicuous. While these will do the job, they also require close proximity combat techniques to use and they may violate your local concealed weapon laws. Where our tactical keychain is simply a bunch of keys that, by the use of our keychain, can be wielded as a swingable weapon that will have a higher warning value for an attacker to keep their distance, and is also easier to use, even if you are not trained in combat. *For instructions on how to use this keychain always watch the free instructional video that comes with every purchase or turn to the DVD that includes several basic and advanced techniques for safely using this tactical self-defense keychain.

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